From virtually anywhere, reserving your space is simple!

Please Note Some Important NEW Policies and Procedures…
* You May Sign Up For Classes Up To 24 Hours BEFORE The Class Start Time.

Example, Monday 5:30pm Class, Sign Up At 4:30pm Sunday.
* The waitlist is now first come, first serve. As space becomes available in a full class an email will go out to all on the waitlist, whoever signs up first gets registered into the class.

How To Create Your Maxx Account!

Go To and click on “LOG IN” at the top of the Maxx website.
 Enter Your Agreement Number.

If You Do Not Know Your Agreement Number Click On Retrieve Agreement Number, and enter your email.

If Your Email Or Agreement Number Is Not Listed You Can Either Call, See The Front Desk Of Your Nearest Maxx Location.

Enter Your Agreement Number Along With Your First Name, Last Name and Mailing Zip Code. DONE! YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR MAXX ACCOUNT!

Click the green “Enroll Now” button to register for your class.

Commonly Asked Questions And Policies

Do All Classes Require Registration? Yes.

How Soon In Advance Can I Register?

Class registration opens 24 hours prior to the class start time and is on a first come, first serve basis.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Accepted Into A Class?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately letting you know you have been accepted.

If The Class Is Full Can I Get Put On A Waitlist?

Yes. You will be placed into the waitlist pool. If a space opens up, all in the pool will receive an email. The first one to accept the class invite contained in the email secures the spot.

What If I Cannot Keep A Class Reservation And Need To Cancel?

It is imperative you cancel a reservation whenever you cannot keep it. Class cancellations can only be done online up to one (1) hour prior to the class.

To cancel online:

Login to your Account
Click ‘Cancel’ button next to the class you wish to cancel

Any reservation that cannot be kept must be cancelled online one hour prior to the start of class. Failure to comply with this policy more than 3 times will result in the suspension of online reservation privileges. Out of courtesy to those on the wait list, please try to cancel with at least one hours’ notice.

Thank you for your participation.

Group XX Rules

-Please wipe down all equipment and bikes after use
-Do not enter a class 5 minutes past scheduled start time.
-Late arrivals will have forfeited their spot.
-Use of cell phones and personal music players (i.e. Ipods) are not permitted.

All cell phones must be off or on vibrate. Absolutely no texting in class.
You will be asked to leave.

-Do not talk or project other vocal disruptions during class. -Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes in the studio. -New participants should arrive early for assistance. -Members must provide own yoga mat.

-Cycling, Zumba and various other classes may require reservation online. Please refer to website. If you can only attend half the class, you cannot reserve a spot.

-Saving bikes or “spots” in class in not permitted. -Procedure for taking two classes in a row:

Exit room. Stand in line.

If you have questions, please contact:

Group Exercise Director at